Environmental Program Information Management System (EPIMS)



EPIMS is the commercially hosted equivalent to the US Air Force’s Air Program Information Management System (APIMS). It is an industry-leading, cloud-based, enterprise environmental compliance information management software solution. It provides capability to manage all data necessary to demonstrate compliance with federal, state and local regulations for multiple environmental disciplines, including air quality, storage tanks, water quality, refrigerants, environmental sampling, vehicle inspection and maintenance, compliance assessment, and more. Capabilities include a mobile-enabled user interface that is optimized for gathering data while in the field and for desktop use while in the office. EPIMS offers installation-level personnel the ability to locally manage their environmental data, while providing enterprise managers consolidated executive dashboards and access to data required for risk and trend analysis.

EPIMS eliminates the need for redundant data entry and reduces the risk of erroneous data, ensuring data retention, increasing forecasting capabilities and improving reporting accuracy - resulting in cost savings and in the reduction of regulatory risk. The system has been refined and proven effective for over two decades. Through modernization efforts, EPIMS can now be accessed via a secure cloud-hosted software as a service (SaaS) subscription that has achieved Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization. Federal government customers can easily procure EPIMS related products and services via multiple contracting vehicles.


Maintaining compliance with a wide breadth of federal, state, local and even foreign environmental regulations is a daunting challenge for federal and commercial entities. The amount of data that must be collected and analyzed to demonstrate compliance, manage risk and meet reporting requirements can be overwhelming, especially across a dispersed enterprise with installations located in multiple states and/or countries.

Environmental compliance managers are often required to meet demanding, ever-increasing and evolving environmental compliance requirements, often while faced with reductions in resources needed to gather, organize and compile compliance data. Absent a standardized and easily accessible enterprise compliance information management solution, individual installations have too often endeavored to develop their own locally hosted information management solutions. Such solutions are often not scalable for use by the larger enterprise, and development and maintenance costs almost always exceed initial estimates and often become unsustainable longer term. EPIMS provides a reliable solution for managing environmental compliance data for all installations within the enterprise. The EPIMS solution offers customers an affordable cloud-based SaaS solution, without the expense of developing and maintaining local solutions.

Compliance managers alleviate much of the burden of data management and compliance oversight by deploying EPIMS to the shop floor, where system roles and access management features enable all compliance stakeholders to log source usage data, record the results of compliance assessments, and maintain various other compliance data in the system. Managers then use system dashboards, system notifications and alerts, and robust reporting features to evaluate the health of their compliance programs, identify areas of risk and use limited resources more effectively.

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Next Generation Compliance

Air Emissions Inventories

Refrigerant Management

Storage Tanks

The Storage Tank Accounting and Reporting (STAR) module serves as the authoritative data source for the enterprise’s tank inventory

Compliance Assessment

Provides real-time visibility of compliance status through workflow routing of results and compliance dashboards

Internal Combustion Engine Compliance

Digital Opacity Records Management

Manage digital plume opacity measurement readings and results of analyses generated using with EPA Alternative Method 082 (alternate to EPA Method 9)

Environmental Sampling

Water Quality

The Water Enterprise Tracking (WET) module serves as enterprise repository for storm water and waste water systems data

Tracks Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans and Facility Response Plans (FRP)

Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance

ECARS module used at more than 60 federal installations

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